Month-End Update: 04.30.2013

Here it is: Your e-news payday!


The last two weeks of April were very quiet, with no major conferences or meetings taking place, but lots of behind-the-scenes work took place and significant progress was made on programming for the new World Language Exchange being piloted in the fall. The mock-up screens have now been reviewed a second time by more than a dozen people from all aspects of usage: faculty, students, and staff who handle DE requests from students. With each round of reviews, suggestions are implemented and enhancements are made to the screens.

last week, the E-Learning Faculty Development Work Group held its first meeting. This work group is one of three initial committees formed to assist with the implementation of initiatives in the strategic plan. The work group was formed in recognition of the central role of faculty in developing and delivering quality e-learning opportunities. The work group will develop and recommend, as appropriate, a University-wide process for ensuring faculty have the skills required to develop and deliver high-quality online coursework before being allowed to offer such coursework.

Members of this group include Provost Sheerer (ECU), Steve Leonard (chair-elect of the faculty senate), faculty from across the system, and me. This first meeting was really an introductory one, with Dr. Ortega setting the charge and the group discussing broad categories to explore. Certainly more to follow on this!

Work has begun on establishing a web site for faculty and student development. Still in the very early stages, this site will provide resources for both students learning online and faculty teaching online. It will focus on novice and non-traditional students, offering ways to enhance time management, study skills and success in online classes. Tutorials for using the proctoring system and inter-institutional registration system will also be available to students.

For novice faculty, the site will provide an introduction to online teaching in the form of several self-study modules. It will also provide an extensive list of resources for faculty (both novice and experienced) as well as examples of best practices. Various rubrics to benchmark both individual courses and complete programs will also be provided. Also included will be tutorials for using both the proctoring system and the e-mentoring system. Although most of the site will be public, there will be a proprietary section that will require that faculty use their home campus ID and PW.


This week, we will once again review The Exchange mock-up screens and continue working on the programming for that. As well, work will continue on scoping out the student and faculty development website mentioned above.

I will be vacationing the week of May 6th, and while I know work will continue on The Exchange and other areas, I will not be doing it! 🙂

The following week the Language Assembly will be meeting in Raleigh and they will get a demonstration of the mock-ups for The Exchange.

If you have resources for faculty or students that should be posted on the new website, please forward them to me.

If you have events on your campus related to distance and e-learning, please forward them to me for posting herein, or use the comment box below to tell me about them.


Every month-end, I will post a website that I’ve found to be useful for a variety of reasons related to e-learning. I discovered this month’s site while pulling together resources for the student and faculty development website. The site is They have a ton of FREE resources for educators as well as many interesting articles.

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